According to the PACA Constitution

Committees are small, more-agile workgroups empowered by either the General Membership or the Central Committee to execute a plan or task.


Committees are created and deployed to do things like research organizations requesting Strategic Partnerships, plan a trip or event or amend a section of PACA's constitution.

Committee work is mainly internal- addressing internal organizational issues- but can also engage in work that is external, such as organizing events.

Committees are empowered by and accountable to the General Membership body that creates them and can be revoked by the General Membership as well.

There are two different types of committees: Standing and Ad-hoc. A Standing committee is permanent and does not lose it's mandate over time. For example, a committee might be established for the purpose of keeping organizational records over the life of the organization. Ad-hoc committees are short term, and expire after the task is complete. For example, a committee might be established to organize a group trip to a national conference. Such an ad-hoc committee would cease to exist after the convention.

Current Standing PACA Committees include:

  • Administrative
    • Planning
    • Records
    • Finance
    • Organizational Development
    • Retreat
  • Communications
    • Social media
    • Website
    • Eblasts
    • Flyers
  • Membership
    • Outreach
    • Orientation
    • CRM
    • Training
    • Phone Comms