Even though PACA is a single unified organization, we embark on proactive efforts to combat the oppression created by Capitalism, White Supremacy and Patriarchy. Also, recognizing intersectional oppressions- such as class, race, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, etc.- demands we address a broad range of oppressions, not just class and race.  

As such, PACA's organizational structure includes the creation of member Caucuses. A caucus is meeting or gathering of a specific group.

According to the PACA constitution:


Caucuses are identity-based groupings of PACA membership, such as the women’s caucus, youth caucus, LGBTQ caucus, etc.


Caucuses are designed to organize marginalized intersecting identities and facilitate the ability of those marginalized groups to fight for their interests in the context of the organization.

Caucuses can be created at any time by a vote of the general membership.

Current PACA Caucuses include:

  • Women's Caucus
  • LGBTQ Caucus