Assata Shakur Study Group

Date: Feb 14, 2024 19:00:00 to 21:00
This event is actually a recurrance of another event in our database. You can view information about the parent event by clicking on the link below.

Pan-Af Blk Hist ASSG

The US settler-colonial state and mainstream media offers the public a white-washed, commercialized Black History Month, focused on celebrities, electoral politics, and liberal reformism. This narrative intentionally excludes the history of Black radical organizations and individuals, while confining Black history within U.S. borders.

Join PACA this 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7pm ET for a community discussion on how we can move from Black History Month to a more expansive Pan African political context. As preparation, please read "From Negro History Week to Pan-African Historical Context" as preparation for this session.

If you are in the DMV, please come join us at the Black Workers and Wellness Center, 2500 Martín Luther King Jr Ave, Washington DC 20020. Please wear a mask and don’t come if you’re sick!


For the online option on zoom, register here: